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29 May 2012 @ 11:17 pm

Voicemail: If you know who's number this is leave a message and I'll get back to you.

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29 May 2012 @ 11:40 pm
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27 November 2009 @ 05:13 pm
Muse Name: Jondy
Muse LJ: jondy_x5210
Fandom: Dark Angel

Age & Location: 20, undisclosed location
Occupation: Bartender
Relationship status: In a relationship with Zane
Family: Max, Zack, Brin, Ben, Tinga, Syl, Krit, Jace, Zane
Interests/Hobbies: riding my motorcycle, high places, the blue lady, kicking ass
Favourite food: Chocolate Milkshakes
Favourite movie: I don't really watch movies that often.
Favourite accomplishment: Escaping from Manticore
Describe yourself in one paragraph: There's not much to say about me. Though if you hurt my family I'll kick your ass. So don't and we'll be fine.

Any OOC notes: Jondy's pretty opened to playing with anyone from any fandom.
26 June 2009 @ 07:18 pm
*in heat* Needs hot boy now.

ooc: she's been bugging me about this for a while now so I'm finally giving in. Besides I'm bored. Smut will most likely be found in this post. You've been warned.
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02 December 2007 @ 02:03 pm
My name’s Jondy. Though I have been known to go by other names. I prefer to be called Jondy. I’ve lived in several different locations but I won’t go into why. Yeah I’ve had to move a lot. I never liked having to pick up and move but it was necessary if I wanted to stay alive.

Right now, I’m looking for my siblings. See we kind of lost each other when we escaped our own personal hell known as Manticore. I’ve had even less luck than I did when Zack was around. He was never big on telling me, or any of the others I suppose, where the others were. I love my big brother but he can be a real pain sometimes. But he was the one person that always kept us safe. So I suppose I can understand his stubbornness.

So anyway I’m Jondy. You can take me or leave me. It doesn’t really matter to me.

Muse: Jondy
Fandom: Dark Angel
Timeline: Post-Series
Word Count: 160
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08 November 2007 @ 11:27 am
These are just my other muses. Feel free to add any of them. I will update this post as I create other muse journals.

buffy_chosenone - Buffy Summers (BTVS)
hazzardgirl - Daisy Duke (Dukes of Hazzard)
wolfgrl_madison - Madison (SPN)
strodedaughter - Jamie Lloyd (Halloween)
peyton_e_sawyer - Peyton Sawyer (OTH)
not_a_myth - Echo (Dollhouse)
not_a_victim2 - Julie James (I Know/I Still Know)
lostlilsister - Eva (Dark Angel)
theflirtyx5 - Dakota (Dark Angel)
marriedanangel - Alison Barrington (Port Charles)
acharmedwitch - Paige Matthews (Charmed)
i_startfires - Charlie McGee (Firestarter)
kennedyx5 - Kennedy (Dark Angel)
amerywhite - Amery White (Dark Angel)
believerinfate - Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (Passions)

Dakota, Kennedy, and Amery are all made up characters. I've created over the years. I actually wasn't even gonna use most of them but they were just begging me. lol

Edited: December 9, 2007 1:50pm
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03 November 2007 @ 08:52 pm
This post is basically just want I'm willing to do with this character. Ships and what not. If you would like to invite me to an rpg you can do that here as well.

Character: Jondy
Timeline: Pre-Series to Post-Series
Will Ship With: Ben, Alec, Zane, Dean (SPN), and possibly others.
Won't Ship With: Zack