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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

25 April
{ Jondy
it's easier to run

it's so much easier to go

FULL NAME: Jondy // X5-210
PLACE OF BIRTH: Gillette, Wyoming


PARENTS: Unknown
SIBLINGS: Max, Zack, Ben, Zane, Syl, Krit, Tinga, Brin, Eva, Jack, etc...
physical appearance
something has been taken deep inside of me

Jondy stands 5 foot 4 inches tall. She has long dark brown  hair and green eyes. She's got olive skin. She has a barcode on the back of  her neck.

Her wardrobe consists of a lot of black or dark colored clothing. She does have a few shirts that are more colorful but she prefers black. She can often been seen where spaghetti strap tank tops or short sleeve tops, jeans, and black boots.

She's not as serious as her brother Zack. She's more often seen wearing a smile or laughing. When she's outside and in the presence of a hooverdrone she tends to keep her head down as to remain unnoticed.
personality & demeanor
the secret i've kept locked away no one can ever see

Your first impression of her would probably be that of a tough girl. Which she definitely is. She can hold her own and has to. She does have trouble trusting people and letting others in. This makes her seem somewhat unapproachable at times. This is mostly due to her poor childhood. She also feels it's easier not to get attached if she should have to pick up and move at any given moment. Once she does though she's a really friendly person. She's always loyal to those she cares about and will do anything to keep them save. Even if that means leaving them behind.

She really hasn't had many romantic relationships. She doesn't really let herself get close to guys. Sometimes she just prefers to have a one night stand rather than having to deal with everything a relationship entails. This goes back to her trust issues and how she finds it hard to get close to anyone.

She doesn't really need to sleep and is often found riding her motorcycle late at night or on top of some tall building in town. She loves to go fast on her motorcycle. It makes her feel safe somehow and helps her forget about all the crap that's happened in her life. She enjoys being on top looking down at the city. Often times she'll go up there to think and it's always quite on top of those buildings which makes it easier for her to sort out her thoughts.

She is not by any means a religious person. When she was a child she and her siblings believed and followed the Blue Lady. Now that she's older she's given up on that belief and hasn't really found much need for any other form of religion. She believes in herself, her siblings, and what's right. She feels she doesn't need someone, whether it be a person or a god, telling her what to believe in or what is right and what's wrong. She'd much prefer to think for herself rather than have someone tell her what to believe. She had enough of that in her childhood and doesn't want to experience that again.
personal history
sometimes i remember the darkness of my past

Jondy grew up in a secret government facility known as Manticore. She lived and trained there to become the perfect soldier. They created her and the other transgenics. She and her unit were different from the rest. They all formed close bonds with each other and considered each other to be brother and sister. She was closest with Max. They could go for days without sleep and would stay up talking about anything and everything. In 2009, she successfully escaped with 11 of her siblings.

After the escape, she moved around a lot. Never really staying in one place or with one family for long. She basically took care of herself. When she was older she finally settled down in San Francisco and found a place near the Golden Gate Bridge. She's only ever had contact with Zack since the escape. He'll come check up on her occasionally to make sure she's doing alright. She's glad to still have him in her life but wishes he'd lighten up a bit.

Since the escape she's been trying to locate her other siblings. Max specifically. Zack always tries to discourage her, telling her that it's safer if she doesn't know but their the only real family she has and she doesn't like not knowing where they are or if they're okay. She will continue searching until she finds them. Regardless of what Zack thinks.

Disclaimer: Jondy belongs to James Cameron and Fox. I don't claim to own any rights to her or Dark Angel. Kristin Kreuk belongs to herself. Lyrics belong to Linkin Park. No copy right infringement intended.

Notes: Jondy will play with just about anyone from any canon. She is more partial to playing in supernatural type fandoms but if she's wanted somewhere else I can try and make it work. I ship her with Zane, Ben, Alec, and Dean [Supernatural]. Though Jondy/Zane is my otp for Jondy. If you'd like to play/verse with her either tag her in anything she's in or leave a message on her ic/ooc contact post and we'll work something out.

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